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Name:Georgie May Kingsley
Birthdate:Aug 29
Location:Siloam Springs, Arkansas, United States of America
Website:@ dreamlikenewyork

Georgie May Bennett was born and raised in the small country town of Siloam Springs in Arkansas. She is a tried and true country girl, growing up on a horse ranch around horses her whole life. Her dad was a horse trainer and rodeo rider from a young age, so it was inevitable that not only did Georgoe grow up with horses in her heart and soul, but also her son, Finlay when he came along. Georgie is one of two children, with an older sister, Lacey, who now lives in Calgary as a horse breeder and a Director of the Calgary Stampede. Georgie is the only one who had a baby, so Fin is the only grandchild of her parents... and absolutely doted on unconditionally.

The only time Georgie ever left her beloved home town was when she met Sawyer. She was in the town he was staying at the military base as a Marine when she travelled there with her dad for a rodeo she was riding in. There was a connection that sparked, and after a sweet romance, soon learned they had a son on the way. Being the committed partner she was, Georgie moved to the town Sawyer was based and for a short while, life was normal. But Sawyer was soon deployed to Afghanistan not long after 9/11 and was sent away when Fin was only a few months old.

This time, Sawyer was injured when a roadside bomb took out the Humvee he was driving, taking his leg, and very nearly his life. And when he came back home, he was so changed that he and Georgie mutually decided it was best for him to take time away to heal and let her raise Finlay. In the meantime, after nearly losing his life, come to the realization that he couldn't live his life as a lie anymore. He was gay and finally came out; he couldn't live his life under wraps when he came so damn close to losing it.

Despite the fact many women might have been crushed if their husband decided to come out as gay, Georgie had wondered for some time. It didn't really come as a shock to learn, and she knew in her heart she was okay with it. She never would have wanted Sawyer to live a lie, or live a miserable existence after he already lost so much. Georgie promised she would always keep in touch with him, and keep him up-to-date on how Fin was growing up. She took many photos, documented all of Fin's firsts. She even wrote journals of the average everyday life things for Sawyer to read if he ever was ready. In there, everything from Fin's epic gastro bug when he was in grade school that had him hospitalised to the first time he was in a school play were written in those journals. There were paintings and drawings from their son, newspaper clippings of the horseriding awards he had won. Georgie never faltered on her promise.

Meanwhile, she basked in motherhood. Fin was the best thing she ever did in her life, and she always had an incredibly close relationship with her son. They were a team, and she loved him unconditionally. After the tragedy with Sawyer, Georgie moved back to Arkansas with Fin to live on the ranch with her parents. She had to go back to her roots to cope with the upheaval of life and facing it as a single mom. Her dad renovated and extended the house, giving Georgie and Fin their own quarters. When Fin got older, the house was extended upwards to give him a teen retreat upstairs. She completed a teaching degree is now a fully qualified Early Childhood Special Education Teacher. It worked, and life was good.

When Fin was about five years old, Georgie met Chris, a Veterinary Nurse who often came to tend to the horses on the ranch. They connected easily, Chris a fun-loving, easy-going, friendly guy. He brightened Georgie's life and adored Fin. However, he never wanted to become Fin's dad. Fin had a dad, whom Georgie wished and hoped every day would be ready to re-enter Fin's life and be the dad Fin yearned for. Instead, Chris developed a big-brother like relationship with Fin and is who to thank for Fin's only mischievous sense of humour and fun-loving personality.

But everything crashed and burned when Fin went to a party to DJ for a friend of a friend because he knew music and was okay helping out. Suffering a terrible headache at the party, Fin accepted what he thought was Tylenol from a schoolmate. The pill turned out to be an illegal drug, and Fin had a bad reaction to it. Becoming very sick, falling unconscious and having a minor seizure. He was rushed to hospital where he had his stomach pumped and some blood tests administered. With kids Fin's age, they generally reacted without knowing the full story in case it was an overdose. The drug showed up in Fin's blood test and with the police involved, he was charged with underage drug use.

Instead of being sentenced to juvie, the judge, sympathetic to youth drug rehabilitation, ordered Fin on a rehabilitation program in New York City that would involve therapy sessions and education about illicit drug use. The decision for it being New York was Sawyer, who had settled in New York after getting back on his feet with his prosthetic leg and working to get his life back. Although the last thing in the world Georgie wanted was her son to be sent away from her (in fact, it ripped her heart out and she cried for three weeks straight after saying goodbye to him at the airport), she wanted him safe and protected. Either way, Fin would need to participate in this youth drug rehab program somewhere, so finally forcing Sawyer's hand to have involvement in his son's life was Georgie's only resort. She didn't want her kid in juvie.

Ultimately, she knew Fin was innocent, but the fact he was given bad drugs terrified her. She knew having Fin away was the best thing for him, even if it turned out much harder than she could have anticipated. Fin fell ill with a condition that would likely have caused the reaction to the drug to be exacerbated. Being a mom whose son was her whole world, it was painfully hard for her to be away from him when he was ill. She's planning a trip to New York once she knows Fin has settled there, and in the meantime, trying to figure out life feeling like half of her was cut off and sent away to the other side of the country.

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